It is wicked for your wife to put effort into her looks, taking care of you (and the kids) and making you happy daily and you never pay her any compliments.

In fact that kills her moral and spirit.

Women flourish in an atmosphere of Compliments.

Compliment her Looks, her cooking, things she does for your marriage to be great, her new shoe, hair, everything about her.. And she’ll feel she married the best Man in the World.


Don’t Marry a Woman you don’t have attention to give.

A Woman is an attention seeker.

She craves for the attention of the Man she loves and Married.

To ignore your wife is to break her.

Don’t ignore her because of your job, or TV, or football matches, or Belief ,or your ministry, or your friends.. No.

Schedule and create time for her everyday no matter how busy you are.

Give her undivided attention and watch her reciprocate it in a millions ways.
Otherwise, some else may give her that attention, and you may live to regret it.


A Woman can be laughing now and the next minute she’s unhappy.

Women have mood swings, know it and accept it.

Learn how to go with the flow, act according to her current mood swing, don’t get mad, don’t try to force a mood change out of her, don’t call her a baby or an immature Woman.

For instance, she may just suddenly remember her grandma that died seven years ago and start Crying. Don’t get mad. Pet her instead.

If you can’t handle It, you better stay single.


Don’t say you didn’t know. I am telling you now.
Not all Women though, but the average woman loves to engage in discussions and conversations seemingly endlessly.

So you better be prepared to listen, and listen, and listen. Develop your listening skills as a bachelor.

Don’t tell her to shut up.
Don’t tell her she talks too much.
Listen to her. That’s why she has you.

Hey, don’t fret, It’s not that bad.
With time you’d get used to it and actually enjoy it, and you’d get a lot of rewards from listening to her too.
Your Marriage will be blessed for it.

Marriage takes hard Work for it to Work.
Be Ready to play your Part.

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Secret Obsession review

Most of the relationship advice you find in women’s magazines are absolute hogwash because they try to treat the man like a woman and it backfires.

There are thousands of words …..about relationships and marriage.

Some one will tell you how to ‘save your marriage while others will tell you ‘how to understand your man’.

In most cases, the women who read or listening these thoughts and try to apply the advice fail miserably.

Do you ever look the statistics of divorce ?

The Result is enough to make you realize that the information that’s so readily available out there is just not working. There is good reason for this.

The advice and thoughts that we traditionally read and heard had a need to sugar-coat the truths and be politically correct .

that is our society’s rule

Is any one wants to accept the fact that men and women are different?

Recently i read a best selling book authored by James Bauer, Just i think about this bestseller when i face this question.

This book truly exposes “how a man thinks and why he acts the way he does.”

I think this is the excellent relationship advice for women who wonder why their partner doesn’t seem interested in them anymore.

I found so many techniques in this book that “a woman can employ to make her husband desire her all over again.”

It can turn a single woman who has no luck with men into a vixen that most men desire. It’s all about getting into his head… and this book will show you exactly how to do that.

Let we analyze the pros and cons of ” His Secret Obsession”

  1. “His Secret Obsession” is an online bestseller for years with thousands of copies sold.
  2. This Proven Product has lots of satisfied customers and lump sum of social proof that the advice with the book really works.
  3. “His secret obsession “truly exposes how a man thinks and what you need to do to hook your man and keep him attracted to you… and helps lots of women
  4. ” His Secret Obsession” does NOT try to be politically correct.
  5. This book is very honest and provides highly effective advice.
  6. Not only women but also help men to know the real thinking of your women
  7. This book telling about the wrong thinking of most women have “Many women feel like they’re doing so much for their man and he should be appreciative… but James Bauer’s book reveals that it’s not how much you do, but what you do that matters.
  8. The most important thing is that “His Secret Obsession” is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you feel like it is not for you, you can always ask for a refund.
  9. The advice in this guide is for both married and single women.
  10. The married woman who wants to save her marriage or make her husband desire her again will find all the techniques she needs inside.
  11. The single woman will discover the answers in this book why the men she goes out with never seem to call her back even when the date was seemingly fine.

The mantra of this book is that men and women are different.

This is refreshing advice and it goes against the grain.

Most of the relationship advice dispensed by supposed relationship experts in women’s magazines are absolute hogwash because they try to treat the man like a woman and it backfires.

James Bauer’s approach is much more effective because it understands the man’s psyche and shows the woman how to get into his mind and make him desire her.

You’ll NEVER find such truthful advice in a woman’s magazine or the usual relationship books that are on the shelves.

Cons of His Secret Obsession

  1. You can only purchase this product online and will need a credit card.
  2. The book is delivered in digital format. So, you’ll either have to read it on your computer or you’ll have to print it out for easier reading.

it’s necessary to step out of your comfort zone if you wish to effect positive change in your life. Overcoming this mental hurdle is crucial.

Consistency is required. You’ll need to follow the guide and be consistent in your efforts. Good Luck

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